About Bona Fide

BONA FIDE Law Firm is a modern, full-service corporate law firm in the Republic of North Macedonia, specialized in corporate and civil law, which provides legal expertise and representation for the purposes and benefit of numerous corporate and individual clients.

BONA FIDE Law Firm is founded in 2011 and since than it became one of the leading and fast-growing law firms in the Republic of North Macedonia. The firm strategy is building a separate approach to each client individually with a high ethical and professional standard in order clients to receive services that will meet all their needs in their overall business operations.

The in-depth professional excellence, esprit de corps, creative energy and the existing indefatigable motivation for further personal and organizational advancement in law practice, bring our Firm quality of an efficient and reliable choice for our current and future clients.

By offering highest level of personal attention to each of our clients and acting in their best interest in accordance with the professional standards, we achieve high level of satisfaction at our clients and permanent growth of our professional portfolio.

As a full-service law firm, it is our aim to develop the professional ethics as one of the fundamental values of the Firm proudly empowering our name originates from the Latin expression “bona fide” meaning good faith/intention, sincere and honest behaviour.